Because privacy is the most important thing which you have

We evolved a service Encrypted Email to secure your anonymity and safety handing over of messages between people and maximally protect Your privacy. And not only by formal declaration, but by all possible technical means.

Start with encrypted email

Nowadays privacy is the most valuable property

Do not give up of your rights for privacy

Do you think that your messages are unimportant and everyone can read them?

In the old days the envelopes were sealed so they were not available for random reading. Why should we give up of this now?

Technology which guarantees privacy of correspondence

Modern age brings modern communication along, but also modern means of surveillance of things which you write and to whom you write them.

This service allows you anonymity and privacy of your messages. We want that privacy of correspondence stays privacy of correspondence.

Protection of know-how is the path to success

Protect your own privacy, if you want to be free and successful.

You yourselves know, what is the price of information in enterprise. Do not let the rivals to listen in to your internal company communication, to gain Your contacts or offers from customers.

Desire of governments to read private correspondence is rising

Cybercrime grows as fast as technologies. Not only governments and companies, but also individuals are interested in your private correspondence and they want to know everything about you!

Afterwards, they misuse these information for their needs, such as investments or political campaigns.

Our goal is to enable an anonymous and safety handing over of messages between people

Towards to the freedom, we deem for our duty to enable an anonymous and safe handing over of messages between people in a way that their privacy would be maximally protected and not only by a formal announcement, but by all available technical means.

That's why we provide this service for free.


You are the one, who has the key to the content and nobody else.

We are not able to find out, who‘s the sender and who’s the recipient of messages.

Neither the operator of the server, nor attackers or authors of this product aren't technically able to read messages from your box without your help.

The system is built up that no one, except you, can’t get in.


The messages cannot be eavesdropped, simply because of that you don’t send them anywhere.

You safely encode the content of your message already on your-side with your password and private key and encrypted messages will be saved on the server. Your commands are also carried out on an encrypted channel.

Also the attachments of your emails are encrypted, i.e. documents, which you save.


Because we don’t have an access into your box, your mails will be lost forever as you forget your password.

The password nor the private key cannot be restored at our place.

If the box for messages is not active over a half of a year since the last activity, it will be automatically rescinded.

Mails cannot be searched, we don't know their content, not even we don’t want to know it.


We are not able to find out, what you saved on our server and what is a content of your messages.

We don’t log nor save your IP address.

We are not able to find out the message recipient and sender, we only use hash.


If you will be forced to give up the password, you can set a password, which will erase your messages.

After ten wrong attempts, the box will be blocked for an hour. At this time, it will not be able to get in.

The new message from the UN underlines the importance of encryption and anonymity in a digital age.

David Kaye:
A special reporter of the UN for the area of a freedom of speech.

„In such an environment, a use of the VPN or TOR or proxy server in a combination with an encryption can be the only way, how people can get and share informations.

The encryption enables people to avoid to aggressive censorship, it allows to spread information behind borders. In addition, people cannot influence and quite often they are not aware of that their communication oversteps state borders. Encryption and anonymity can protect information that are going through servers in the third countries, which apply censorship. An important role has to be confessed to anonymity when it protects and asserts privacy, a freedom of speech, but also in the enforcement of political responsibility with the participation of citizens in public-things and in discussions.”

About us

We are people, who work in a field of information technologies, to whom it isn't indifferent in what world we live and so we believe in a free sharing of information of a simple censorship.

We are also convinced that privacy and anonymity are basic features of an open democratic society, which, thanks to this belief, allows to use a full potential and opportunities of digital technologies. Therefore, we don’t want to accept the enforced loss of privacy that is connected with the government’s efforts and some multinational corporations to know everything about us.

Because at the beginning was the word and then came the action, we decided to create this product.

Do you want to join?

Safety issues are very complicated and with a regard of our limited sources, we will be very glad if you will help us to improve this product.

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